Heylo! I’m tweeting 105 firsts this year on my twitter; it’s sort of like a bucket list but with more of a spontaneous now emphasis than a planned eventually emphasis. #emily105

Since Twitter has a lousy archival system, I’m just going to list them here, so I can keep track of how many I’ve done. I know some of them weren’t intended as a 1st at the time of tweet, but I need 105 firsts, so I’m pushing it. =]

1) Yesterday was my first time biking in the snow! Yay for hydroplaning on the sidewalks since I’m didn’t want to chance the roads. #emily105

2) Finished my light show!! Here’s a demo: http://youtu.be/huqWKqqfYNg , inspired by Disney’s World of Color, of course. =] #emily105

3) I made #Pho today!! Not as good as my mom’s though. . . #firsttime #flavorisoff pic.twitter.com/Dyz4y7tu8M

4) Celebrated Holi today! =] #firsttime #emily105 #colorful

5) Seeded vegetables & flowers for Mother’s Day in less time it took to do laundry #DontTellMom #FirstTime #HopeTheyGrow pic.twitter.com/93zPkq7g6C

6) Had my first legal drink! =] Also, did google just wish me a happy birthday?! #emily105 pic.twitter.com/taqNz65jyn

7) First time taking advantage of free comic day!! =] (on the back of avatar is a Star Wars comic.) pic.twitter.com/0LYLhBFdhK

8) I tried. #softpastels #secondtry #colorful pic.twitter.com/aHQunngL8F (Note: The actual first time I tried pastels was the week before. I forgot to tweet about it. So the second try will do.)

9) Oil painted for the #firsttime while listening to Fantasia. #Greatnight Any #paintingtips to get better?! pic.twitter.com/L1aLb1RYhU

10) I had Afghan and Ethiopian food for the first time this week. Expanding my food palette.

11) Yesterday, my friend had me over for Kazakhs/Russian food:a meat pie and Baklajannaya ikra. #tryingnewfoods

12) Sparklers and a couple of #homemade firecrackers. Fireworks enthusiast within is content. pic.twitter.com/RPJEl393PF

13) I think I figured out what kind of painter I am. Definitely more intuitive to me than oil. #stillneedswork pic.twitter.com/9QovsGg4eg

14) Holy mackerel! UMASS Boston does indeed sit right at the harbor! You can smell the sea! pic.twitter.com/XAlrAvYNDZ (First time visiting their campus and JFK Museum.)

15) Excited about a piece of plastic!! Woo! #whyamiexcited #nopoint #consumerism #brainwashed #hatethatimexcited #ugh #mixedemotions (1st Credit Card.)

16) Covering @AIMenken and @TheMandyMoore with @Leesaaaw. #tangled #ISeetheLight http://youtu.be/w7lrruXRVUo  (1st Youtube Cover with someone singing along.)

17) Made some frothy butterbeer! #harrypotter #itried #homemade pic.twitter.com/RaNU3XmTMl

18) Woke up this #raindow. #goodmorning #itsearly pic.twitter.com/JcTCO49yvu (1st time seeing a double rainbow in person.)

19) #drenched On the bright side, rigged a sail to a sailboat for the first time. =]

20) Official diagnosis, I’ve bruised my uvula and have minor cuts. #stories Doctor asked if I was intoxicated when this happened. I was sober… (1st time bruising my uvula.)

21) Seeing Wicked for the first time with @lelynnt #spontaneous pic.twitter.com/YFbif4btqR

22) I bought a domain! http://www.ylimelam.com  =] For now, I have it redirecting to my portfolio but I’m going to revamp it soon!

23) Pleasantly suprised to discover that my perception drawing from last semester is displaying at the BU undergraduate gallery. #boastful

24) I’m having first time buying a plane ticket myself #anxiety. Ahh, almost officially going to California!

25) Starting the Knight’s Quest at BU pub! With @AnjanaJeyaram & @htowey

26) Hugged one of the huggers at marsh offering free hugs! #firsttime

27) Played piano outdoors!!! Wonderfully pleasant. #fallweather Thanks @streetpianosBOS pic.twitter.com/ZqrZ2cjU8o

28) Good night with @mariammalo! We saw 2 distinctly different colored stars! #Albireo #MoS #PinkFloydLasershow pic.twitter.com/e4cvU1UPOy

29) Laser beam of almost a mile between Stuvi2 and LAW! Woo! #Firsttime photographing a laser beam of this length! pic.twitter.com/ZLcpDsLHeT

30) Getting tailored by @AnjanaJeyaram with button pins. #kindaofghetto #notaheelsday #first pic.twitter.com/CUlHXN2HLs

31) Just purchased an onion and yam on a fresh truck, reprinted school bus. LoL, what? #first pic.twitter.com/QUUw6iS1sP

32) Lantern Festival! Needed #firsts; so I made a lantern out of a 2L bottle decked out with LEDs & a candle! pic.twitter.com/9spqemYgnW

33) youtu.be/AWcbhlrN-ns  Can this be a first even though it’s not really? #FirstPictureinPictureVideo

34) Installing OSX Maverick without even reading the specs. Normally, I am more careful. #yolo #First?

35) Finished reading Stardust by @neilhimself. My level of enjoyment? I found myself sketching the characters as I read in my classnotes. #first

36) Participated in RED SOX WORLD SERIES CELEBRATION!! #Mobmentality #first

37) Happy Halloween! (Just applied to BU’s Master of Engineering Program. Is this what I want with my life? D:) #first

38) DONE with my GRE!!! #first and #last I have a story, ask me about it!?

39) Red Sox Parade #first https://plus.google.com/photos/106879661482404469586/albums/5941801712974510593?authkey=CL7N6aevoPXOAg …

40) First time soldering a 28 pin surface mount!! pic.twitter.com/C2HwgmzAof

 41) First time cooking cod. LoL. #first #fail pic.twitter.com/DHBfGhCRSi
42) Bloody nose at Symphony Hall, that’s a #first.
43) Accepted into grad school! #first
44) Highlighting JUST my bangs. #first LoL pic.twitter.com/CCGujsGFW9
45) First time at a Japanese BBQ grill restaurant. #first #dayofmylastfinal pic.twitter.com/fsPVEdCxON
46) 2013 was the #first time I tried this awesome pomegranate trick!! http://youtu.be/6d1-fIwLXFk 
47) http://www.ylimelam.com 

Sigh. I only made it to 47. But I’m not upset. 47 new firsts. Glass half full or something like that right? I probably could have remembered to tweet more though. . .

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