Forbidden City vs. Earth Kingdom Royal Palace

Today’s post is in honor of Avatar the Last Airbender: Lengend of Korra! I just finished watching the newest episode about an hour ago. It’s a good one, go watch it if you haven’t already.

So everybody knows that Avatar takes inspiration from Eastern art and architecture. But how much?

Well, remember the gate of the Imperial Palace in Ba Sing Se, the Earth Kingdom capital? This is where the Earth king with the bear lives, remember? It looks like this:

Source: Avatar Wiki

Well if you traveled to Beijing, China and to the Forbidden City, where several of China’s past emperors have lived, you will notice that the Meridan Gate, entrance to the Forbidden City, looks pretty much the same as the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace Gate. Here look:

Yup, do a double take! Along with great plot and fantastic characters, Avatar does a wonderful job of introducing Eastern art, architecture, and culture to the western world.