Hi! Welcome! Thanks for coming by my blog!

My name is emily, if you haven’t guessed. And I have side bangs. You probably could have guessed that as well. But what you probably couldn’t have guessed is that my bangs are not on my left side of my head but on right side of my head. So why did I draw the banner above with my bangs on my left side of my head? Well, that’s because that’s the way I see myself. When I look at myself, it’s usually a reflection. So when I went to draw myself I forgot that the way I see myself is not the way others see me, hence the bangs on the wrong side. (I actually did not realize my bangs were on the wrong side in banner until my little sister pointed it out.)

And that’s what this blog’s about. It’s a reminder to look at not just my view of the world but also others’ view of the world. To not overlook the small things, the little details in life. To try to sort, digest, and understand the universe. But, most importantly, to keep an open mind and stay curious about everything. Because no two outlooks are the same. So I will try my best to post about the little trivial things in life that I’ve noticed when I didn’t just accept it but stayed curious about it.

— emily


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