Braille Bump on Headphones

Take a look at your headphones. Have you noticed a Braille-like bump on your headphones? It’s very subtle. I don’t even know how I noticed it. It was definitely a long while after getting them though. I’ve had three pairs of headphones, and on each of the left phone, on all three pairs of headphones, there’s a tiny braille-like bump. Isn’t that awesome? It lets you distinguish the left phone from the right phone in the dark. I tend to listen to music as I fall asleep, so I find this super convenient. And I betcha, the blind do as well. Props to whoever came up with this idea! =]

2 thoughts on “Braille Bump on Headphones

  1. Hello, I just noticed this on my Sennheisers, and searched to see if it’s a Thing. I found your post first :-)

    As it happens, the three dots in a vertical line on these headphones is also the Braille character for “L”, which is why it’s on the left one!

  2. Neat! I noticed that on the Superlux HD681EVO they also have the braille symbol for R on the right side headphone: three vertical dots with one extra dot in the middle of the next column.

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