Hello world!

If you’ve started a blog then you probably know that the default first post is a “Hello World!” post, which you can then decide to delete or edit, as I’m doing now. I believe the popular option is to delete or edit the “hello world” post so that none of its original contents are intact. I will, however, leave the title unedited, and edit the contents of the “hello world” post to tell you a little bit about “hello world.” (Since I’m not using this post to introduce my blog, I will link to the About page, so you can become acquainted there with my blog. =])

“Hello world” is usually the first program any programmer writes. Why? Because it is so simple to program. You usually copy the code straight out of a reference. Normally, all the “hello world” program will do is print “hello world” to the display. I’ve personally have written “hello world” programs in MATLAB and C++, and they’ve done just that: print “hello world” to the screen. It’s a test to make sure the program language and complier are working correctly, since you know exactly what its output will be. According to wikipedia, “hello world” programs have also been used as tests for new users in a new environment. For example, users can download a “hello world” program to verify that they know how to download files. “Hello worlds” have also been used by programmers to verify algorithms or hacks by printing out “hello world” if the algorithm or hack worked. And as you can see with blogs, the “hello world” is used to show a user how to make a first post. The “hello world” may seem mundane at times, but it does have a purpose for both experienced and inexperienced users.

The “hello world” is kind of self-explanatory but I thought it would make a great first post.

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